100% Robusta Pupuan 500 Gr


Single Origin 100%  Robusta Pupuan premium quality 

Pupuan Robusta is specialized with robusta pupuan bean and grounds. this coffee is a new rising star from Pupuan Village place in mount Batur area. Planting together with the cocoa tree, it makes Pupuan robusta have chocolaty flavor. when you take a sip, you will want more and more 

Order rule : 

– The coffee will roast, grinding & delivery once the payment is done

–  Please choose the roasting type 

Dark Roast: it’s perfect for black coffee, ice coffee, Vietnam drip,  kopi tubruk &  coffee mix

Medium Roast : it’s perfect for espresso coffee or any coffee extract 

– If you have request for grinding type, feel free to text me 



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