In-line Water Filter

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In-line Water Filter housing with ceramic cartridge for drinking water.

Filter replacement : approx 1-2 years or 7000liters.

Water filtered with a Nazava water purifier is hundred percent safe for human consumption. Unlike boiling water, water purified with a Nazava water filter is healthier because dust and particles are removed together with harmful organic components and chlorine.

You can install to your water pipe at home so the water coming out of the tap can be drunk directly without the need to boil again, without waiting.

It can filter well-water and piped-water during sufficient pressure, and the water is clear and drinkable!

The Nazava Water filter is designed in the Netherlands, is composed of ceramic, silver & carbon.


How to install the tap water filter

In contrast to Nazava Riam or Nazava Bening which the installation can be done easily, Nazava Housing Water Filter requires precision and little knowledge about the procedure of unloading pipe and tap water.

However, you should not worry because the user manual or guide will always be with you in every purchase package.

Before installing, make sure the purchase package is complete. Includes, cover / cover lock, filter cover, rubber seal, filter housing itself, ceramic filter, 2 rubber for ceramic filter, nut, bolt, hose, and 1 set of support legs. Also prepare supporting equipment such as pipes and additional tap stops, sealtape, double nipple, and other artisan equipment.

Then, remove the tap on the place you want to install. Pair 1 double nipple on Housing Filter and stop tap by using sealtape. Tighten the double nipple carefully so as not to make the iron socket shake found in the Housing Filter. Then attach another double nipple on the other side of the faucet stop. Tighten well with the sealtape, then attach it to the available tap hole.

Meanwhile, for Housing Filter assembly and complete and proper installation methods can be seen from the user manual or can be seen in the following link guide:

The use of Nazava Housing Water Filters on taps is devoted to household needs. Can be applied to the sink, or on the tap in the bathroom. Meanwhile, for shelter results from the filter, can be transferred to the jars and bathtub.

An example of installing a Nazava faucet filter in the kitchen

Filtered water from tap water filters can be used directly for drinking without having to be cooked again. Therefore, ceramic filters that become the core of this Housing Filter can instantly kill bacteria. The fact that the entire product of Nazava really can eliminate 100% of bacteria is not merely boasting or just for marketing purposes only. But it is proven from the results of laboratory tests. Until now, the total laboratory tests conducted Nazava reached 30 times testing that took place in 11 countries, including in Indonesia.

Use of Housing Water Filters does not require electricity as a power source. Unless you are at home using an electric water pump as a tool for fishing or sucking water, it is an exception.

Housing filters in addition to killing bacteria can also clear up cloudy or smelly water problems. However, of course the problem will have an effect on the slow process of filtration. Thus, if the water is not clean should be installed a clean water filter before the tap water filter so that the water flow will be tight and ceramic filters will be durable. Examples of products that can be installed for prefiltering are Carbon Catridge Filter Tube can be used to solve the problem. While Sponge Catridge Tubes are used to make the water a bit cloudy more clear.

When should I replace the ceramic water filter?

Ceramic Filters contained in this Nazava Faucet Water Filter also has a usage time limit. The indicator of the sensor contained in the Ceramic Filter will tell you the lifetime of the filter. If the life of the Ceramic Filter has reached the threshold, it is highly recommended to replace the filter. Therefore, the forced Ceramic Filter works beyond the usage limit will decrease the quality of the filter results. This of course will affect the effectiveness of filters in killing bacteria. The usage limit of the filter itself is approximately 1-2 years or precisely about 7000 liters.

However, it is certain that the use of Nazava Filters will be more cost-effective than having to cook water or buy a refillable gallon. Especially if you have problems like turbid water or smelly water and problems surrounding other water sources.

Nazava Filter Housing warranty 1 year * (* due to production error, not due to misuse or maintenance).

Specification: In-line Water Filter



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