Plum Jam


This Plum Jam is a rich ruby-red version, chock full of antioxidants and intense, sweet flavour.

I’m also very happy with the texture.

Give it a try, even if this one is not from a local source. I’ve purchased the plums from a Dyatmika vendor to help our community. Mutual aid is important during this pandemic.

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The Fruity Jar’s price:

– 350 g = Rp 50.000/jar

– 230 g = Rp 35.000/jar

– 40 g = Rp 9.500/jar

Availability will depend on fruit season and stock. So please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank you

Please join our #returnme campaign by returning our empty jar and help reduce waste in Bali. The Fruity Jar products are well priced to make it super affordable. We’ll add a 10% discount per jar for all jars returned in good condition with the lid. 

Remember, don’t throw your glass jar. Clean them and return them to us at your next purchase so we can sterilize and reuse them. We do accept other brand name jar, as long as they are in good condition to be reused. Let’s keep Bali clean together.



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