Strawberry & Vanilla Jam


The number one jam in the world!

As if you really need the suggestion but Strawberry Jam goes really well on top of a toast, a pancake or stir into some plain yoghurt for a fabulous treat.

If you are looking for something a bit different, ask for Strawberry & Ginger Jam; a must-try!

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For the jar size, there are 3 choices:

– 350 g at Rp 50.000

– 230 g at Rp 35.000

– 40 g at Rp 9.500

Flavour availability will depend on fruit seasons and the stock. See Description below for current options – you can also contact me, or connect with @The_Fruity_Jar on Instagram to stay tuned.

10% discount – return the jars!!

We follow the #returnme campaign, so if you have empty jars with lids in good condition we’ll be happy to collect them – even others than ours 😉

You’ll get a special rate of 10% discount on your next order for each returning jar if you do so 😁

Let’s keep Bali clean together.



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